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Professional Glamour photography

We met some fantastic people at the Everywoman Expo this year, among them was Celia, who was one of a group of five friends who came into the studio last week for some photos. As I usually do, I took before photos of everyone, just so that we could see the journey they had all taken at the end of the day. I always like to do some professional glamour photography when the ladies come in.

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Celia came into view the photos a couple of days later and was blown away by what she saw. “I couldn’t believe that was actually me in the photos,” she said. One of the things I love about this job is it you really get to find out about people, whether its family photography, glamour photography or some of our beautiful couples photography, you really do learn that every picture tells a story and every story is different. 063A0552 copy   Celia works in Australia’s north-west in the mining industry, she drives the big machines, the big dump trucks and the dozers. Her story was fascinating, I learned that her Mum had died of cancer, her Dad had died from a heart attack, and her brother had committed suicide. Unbelievably, her Dad and her brother both passed away within six months of each other. So next time you’re feeling sorry for yourself, think about people like Celia who are here in this world on their own, and how hard that must be sometimes. 063A0556 copy   Anyway, we got some gorgeous glamour photos of Celia and I wanted to share these with you. Of course, I’m going to show you what she looked like when she arrived, and the rest of the photos speak for themselves. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, or most importantly, what you think you look like, you are ready now, you are perfect now and the time is right now. Do something different for a change, and for a change do something different, and always remember, photos aren’t just for you, but more importantly, therefore your children and those who follow after us.