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How to photograph a Mother and her baby

Photographing a mother and her child can be extremely challenging, the baby doesn’t do what you want it to do, the mother gets stressed because she has made all of this effort to get everyone ready and then the big day has arrived for the baby shoot and it all goes wrong!, the husband calls and says he is going to be late for the shoot because he has a meeting at the office that he can’t get away from, the baby is all out of sorts today. It’s important to just relax and let it happen naturally because the more you try to force it, the more stress will be apparent and you will see it in the photos! We all know that every time you look at a photograph it reminds you of the time you were having when the photo was taken. If you look stressed in the photo you will forever be reminded of what a difficult time it was. So … hubby will be here when he can get here, let’s just concentrate on the baby and Mum for now. The photo above is one of my favourite poses, it is flattering for the Mum and focusses on the baby and the relationship between them. When you are setting this photo up, tell the Mum to turn away from you and put the baby over her shoulder so that it is facing you, then get her to turn her face to you so that Mum and baby are cheek to cheek. This is where you need to really get the Mum to focus because they want to look at their baby but you want them to look at you! Split second timing is required to get this (or any) shot of a baby looking at the camera. We are very experienced in this which is why we get the remarkable photos we do. You will only get one chance to get a photo like this so be ready and make the mother continue to look at you. We are in the business of selling beautiful photos of families so to give ourselves the best chance of creating that sale you need to get these small details right. The last thing you want to hear is ‘it’s a nice photo but I wish I was looking at the camera’ Follow this small tip and I guarantee your photography will improve, like all thing though, time and practice are the most important elements of becoming proficient at your craft … enjoy taking beautiful photographs folks.