Freedom Photography

Mother and Daughter photography

Everybody just loves a good before and after example, Maria and her daughters came along for a beautiful ‘girls only’ shoot recently so we decided that we should do a group shot example to demonstrate the value of setting yourself up for success by preparing properly for your photoshoot. Our marvellous make up team of Annette and Zara Davis  love to meet and greet the girls when they come in for their shoots and it is not long before everyone is laughing and having a great time. The whole journey starts when you call the effervescent and bubbly Jody (who is everybody’s Mum) on the phone (1300 61 66 34) and find out the way we work and what you can expect when you arrive. Although you may build up a mental picture of the process, nothing can prepare you for the reality of a shoot with Freedom Photography. A quick look at the reviews on our facebook page here gives you a bit of an idea. Predictably, Mark (photographer and business owner) is always getting in trouble (because he is a bloke) from the girls so he stays put of the way while they perform all of their voodoo and secret women’s business to get ready. The results speak for them selves though, the photos are always stunning and one thing that I know is that every time you look at a photo, it reminds you of the fun you had on the day and how wonderful life really is. Cherish your relationships, capture them in photos and celebrate them forever with our beautiful wall art options.