Freedom Photography

Gift Vouchers

We’ve got your gift ideas covered!

Need an easy gift to give someone? perhaps you live in another country and would like to send someone a gift certificate for a special occasion.

Freedom Photography provides an easy to use gift voucher purchasing system, we will send your certificate to the desired recipient for you and we can even provide a covering letter if you need one.

Freedom Photography is an intimate, professional portrait photography studio based in Perth, Western Australia, and we specialise in portrait photography.

Once your favourite person receives their gift certificate they just have to call or email us on our contact page to make a booking and we take it from there.

We have the added benefit of being able to offer a choice of soft, warm natural light photos in our daylight studio or fun and formal portraits in our flash studio against black or white backgrounds.

We provide a personalised, comfortable and relaxed photo shoot experience that our clients remember warmly. A beautiful photo can tell a life story and we would love to tell your gift voucher recipient their story.

You Choose Your Limit

Choose your amount

What you would like to spend on your gift voucher is your choice.

We won’t limit you to a specific amount and any amount can be used toward products and services provided by Freedom Photography.

Once your recipient has received their certificate they simply have to contact us to register their interest and make a booking.

We will take it from there and offer them a range of stunning portraits to choose from and select one of our wonderful products to display their chosen images in.


NB* Gift vouchers expire 3 years after the date of purchase.