Freedom Photography

Preparing for your photoshoot

Many people ask us how they should prepare for their photo shoot: what to wear, what should they bring, and so on. As your portrait is likely to be placed on display for years to come, we recommend that you take some simple steps to prepare.

For this reason we have created the list of tips below to help you understand how to get the best from your images:

  • Have haircuts a week or so before the shoot.
  • Wash your hair and bring a brush and make up.
  • Wear and bring clothing you like and feel good in, but try to stay away from stripes and logos.
  • Dressing in plain, smart colours focuses the subject and achieves a high quality, striking image. Black and white can be effective.
  • White shirts and denims are also popular as they provide stunning high contrast along with uniformity to the image.
  • Button up shirts for the boys and a cardigan or jacket (this defines the V of the neck) for the girls are smart and flattering.
  • If you have small children or a baby we suggest bringing an extra set of clothing, favourite toy, and warm clothing in cooler weather or for a late afternoon portrait sitting.
  • Feel free to choose a theme which suits your family.
  • If you desire a particular look, you are welcome to bring a prop (e.g. a musical instrument).
  • Individual photoshoot tips

If your shoot includes make up and hair styling please come to the studio with no makeup on and clean dry hair which has been washed a day or two prior to the shoot, please do not wash your hair on the day as it is too light and bouncy to hold form.

  • Allow about two to three hours for your entire session.
  • You are invited to bring along one or two changes of clothes to try a variety of looks.
  • The studio can accommodate changes of clothes and touch-ups to make up.
  • Matching the colours of a hair accessory and blouse creates continuity.
  • Casual summer dresses look great in environmental shoots.