Freedom Photography

$90 Girls only Special

Total value $750.00 – buy today for just $90

What’s included:

– A professional photoshoot
– Professional editing and retouching
– A cinematic presentation of your beautiful images
– An 11×14 inch frame ready portrait

They think about each other at the same time … if one starts laughing, within seconds the other one does too … if one loves someone, the other loves them too.

This is the bond between Mothers and their daughters, we have photographed countless combinations of Mums and their Daughters over the years, why?

They understand the importance of the connection displayed in their photographs, they cherish the picture on the wall that shows the love and eternal bond that exists between them, they know that they are always there with each other no matter what.

“What an amazing team at Freedom Photography … everyone was so friendly, Beck and Alice did a great job on the hair & make-up and Mark’s photograph selection was awesome, he knew how to make you feel special and how to get that winning shot.

So happy with the outcome.”

– Naomi Berglund

Our Mother/Daughter shoots are a lot of fun and it is a real ‘Girls Day Out’

When it comes to Mother and Daughter Photography , our Perth Studio has plenty to offer and we want to show you some of the best.

Some  of our ladies have their  hair and makeup perfect before they come in, or you can purchase Photo-ready Hair and/or Makeup packages from us if you really want to indulge – book ahead to secure your pampering experience.

There is always plenty of laughter at these shoots and once they have been all glammed up for the shoot, many of our groups carry on from the studio to spend the rest of the day together. As we all know … whenever you look at a photo you remember how you were feeling at the time, you remember fun, the laughter and the love.

We create beautiful images for you to keep that feeling alive forever! So, don’t wait any longer as you never know what tomorrow may bring. Call us today to book your own unique Mother/Daughter photoshoot and create your family heirlooms now.