Freedom Photography

About Freedom Photography

Freedom Photography is an intimate, professional portrait photography studio based in Perth, Western Australia, and specialising in portrait photography.

We provide a personalised, comfortable and relaxed photo shoot experience that you will remember warmly. We’re sensitive to your needs and those of your loved ones in front of the camera.

As time moves, photos stay still. A beautiful photo can tell a life story. We’d love to take your beautiful photos.


Our photography studio is located in a quiet industrial complex in O’Connor. There is minimal traffic so rest assured it is a very safe place to bring your family, the kids and the pets.  

Utilising warm natural light and stunning studio flash facilities we offer a unique blend of image capture that will have your heart racing when you see your images!

We know you will love your photos and we provide a relaxed, light hearted and often hilarious approach which ensures that your photos will live forever as a record of your family history – a record to be enjoyed by the generations to follow.