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Emma has Breast Cancer

Emma has breast cancer. She is 25 years of age and has her whole life ahead of her. This is Emma’s story, please read it, please share it. Please take notice of it. 063A3873 copy “It was December last year when I noticed that my left breast was smaller than my right one, and I noticed two lumps, but I thought as a young person, oh well, it’s not cancer, they will go away. I told my mum and she panicked so we made a doctor’s appointment and went along and after his assessment I found myself being rushed in for tests the next day. So I had an ultrasound, a mammogram and six fine-needle biopsies” Blog Layout 2 up copy I sensed that Emma may have been having difficulty recounting the story but she wanted to continue so that we could all be more informed about this horrible condition. “I’m feeling a lot better now that the chemo is finished, I start radiotherapy next week. I think it will be a lot easier than the chemo, I’m glad now that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel … My hair is growing back all over, I only have two more surgeries to go next year and I’ll be looking for work” I asked Emma what was her hope for the future, she replied “Just a normal, healthy life. That’s what every cancer patient wants” Emma had a double mastectomy on May 13th, ironically the same date as Angelina Jolie had hers … “The procedures that I have had performed have made sure that there is no chance of the cancer coming back … this was a tough decision as it means that I can never breast feed my children but if it means that I can have a normal healthy life then that is it’s own reward” 063A3769 When I asked Emma if she had any message she wanted to pass on it was this … “I just hope that any young women, or men for that matter, if they notice any small change in their body, go and see a medical professional before it’s too late. It’s not worth risking your life” Emma admits that at first she was complacent. “Yeah, of course I was, you don’t want it to be cancer, I just thought, oh well it’s only a cyst or something … Until the doctor confirmed it, than I knew my life had changed forever”