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My life as a tall man.

What it is like being a tall man.

(Beware the Teddy Bear!)

I was at a networking function on Wednesday night, standing at the bar with a few friends when some guy walks up indicating that he wanted to get past me … there was ample room to walk around our small group but this guy was insistent that I had to move so that he could get past, everyone was just staring at this guy incredulously wondering what he was doing. He was looking for a confrontation and while I don’t really have an issue with that I moved out of the way and let him past … he got what he wanted, he got to dominate the big guy which is what was important to him. I have seen this my whole life. Some people perceive it as a badge of honour to topple the big guy … if only they knew that we are mostly all softies I wonder if they would change their point of view. My friend Jude (who I was sharing a drink with) calls me Mark mallow (marshmallow) hmmmm…. not too sure what I think of that but anyway … Judging a book by it’s cover is something we all do, it is human nature to have preconceptions about people based on their appearance, race, colour etc … so make a point of it today, find out about someone before you judge them. Small changes can yield big results … and big results can change the world. So next time you see a big guy just remember that he is probably more interested in having a cup of tea and a nice lie down rather than be a tough guy … Have a wonderful day! MarkPeta I love this photo because it looks so silly!, this is me and my sister in law Peta Milton … it goes a fair way to demonstrate what I say above. BTW, (Peta is exceptionally short!)