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Double chin? … what double chin? Perth Photographer explains …

Every body loves a before and after photo, recently we had a couple in for their baby photography session and they chose a selection of beautiful images to remember it by. Women are always concerned about how they look and I decided long ago that I would never show anyone something about themselves that they did not like … it just doesn’t make sense to do so. THE DOUBLE CHIN!!!! how horrifying ! It is everyone’s worst nightmare (but even babies have them). The example below shows what an experienced professional photographer is able to do to manipulate an image so that the client will be happy with the photo. chin2        chin1 What women want Over the years, I have learned that women hate these things

  • Double chins
  • Fat arms
  • Big Bums

The simple remedy here is, either don’t set the subject up to show those things or become really good at photoshop. As an experienced image editor I can guarantee you the best photography Perth has to offer when it comes to satisfaction with your images …