Family Portrait Photography

How to achieve perfect family photography

I have photographed thousands of people and in my experience as a professional photographer there is one thing I hear over and over again … ‘I take a terrible photo’ and I think I know why people think this. They have never seen a photo of themselves that they like and you know why?  …

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How to photograph a Mother and her baby

Photographing a mother and her child can be extremely challenging, the baby doesn’t do what you want it to do, the mother gets stressed because she has made all of this effort to get everyone ready and then the big day has arrived for the baby shoot and it all goes wrong!, the husband calls…

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Mother and Daughter photography

Everybody just loves a good before and after example, Maria and her daughters came along for a beautiful ‘girls only’ shoot recently so we decided that we should do a group shot example to demonstrate the value of setting yourself up for success by preparing properly for your photoshoot. Our marvellous make up team of…

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Push them in! – a tip on family photography

Push them in, push them in! people think you are weird asking them to get that close but you have got to eliminate the gaps in a photograph. For me, it is all about lines, shapes and symmetry, make sure you can get lips and eyes in line as often as possible and push their…

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