Freedom Photography

Why is it so important?

‘Family is not about the blood you share but the people who care’

Family is forever and is the most important aspect of our life on earth, we all want to belong, we all need somewhere we can go and someone we can rely on for numerous reasons … when times are tough family is there to support you and they are also there to celebrate your achievements with you.

Family means different things to different people and we understand that not everyone has the traditional family. These days it takes many forms and it is our charter to ensure that what ever your family is made up of, we will celebrate that union and bond with incredible, personalised and fun filled photography sessions that will warm your heart and make you smile every time you look at your beautiful photos.

I myself am a single parent who raised two children with my beautiful wife and their stepmother Jill so at Freedom Photography we know that family is not about the blood you share but the people who care.

Whatever the make up of your family, we are committed to providing you with the best possible experience so before they get married, before they turn 21, before they leave home but most importantly … before it’s too late, come and see us for some of the most important photography Perth has to offer … your family history begins with us.

Call soon on 1300 61 66 34 and start the journey …